Product Development Process

Stage 1 – Consultation and Project Planning

Sign NDA
Complete questionnaire
Phone consultation

Output: Delivery of Personalised Project Plan with Timescales and Indicative Costings
Cost: £250 + vat

Stage 2 – Recipe Development Days

A dedicated, experienced team will work with you to get your kitchen recipe ready for upscaling at our manufacturing site in Northallerton.  Our team can offer assistance on basic compliance such as labelling, barcoding, batch codes, shelf life and nutritionals.  Either bring your own ingredients or we source at cost.

Output:   Fully costed recipes ready for production – SALSA approved. If there are further recipe amends after the product development day these could incur additional costs.
Cost:      £500 per day (if you go on to launch your product with us we will refund 50% of this)

Stage 3 – Trial Production Runs

These will be run by our experienced team with you attending and the cost will be the charge of the end product produced.   We will then do final nutritional tests, shelf- testing and label compliance on these samples and there will be plenty for consumer testing and marketing purposes.
We source and store all the materials and ingredients for your product and are happy to use your nominated suppliers if required.
We can also take care of all your fulfilment and delivery requirements

Output:  Product ready for launch and samples available for consumer testing and marketing purposes
Cost: All costs incurred at this Stage are product specific and can be discussed at end of Stage 2