About Sarnia

Founders Patrick and Nancy have over 40 years of combined experience in the food and drink manufacturing industry; working in logistics, packaging, production, engineering, factory management, sales analysis and finance. They have a dedicated and loyal team who work with them all who have many years of experience in their fields.

They have experience of supplying foodservice, major retailers and directly to consumers.This diverse wealth of experience working for large food and drink manufacturers, gave them the desire to start up their own business. They realised that many contract manufacturers weren’t very supportive of small start-up companies, with prohibitive minimum runs and no additional support to guide them through the process. They wanted to fill this gap by offering manufacturing services, tailored around the specific needs these food and drink producers and provide help and assistance throughout the whole journey.

From getting the recipes right at the beginning, to supplying the end customer with product, Patrick and Nancy and their team are passionate about being there every step of the way to guide and support.